Review of Subwoofer or Speaker:

This is a review of Hertz Audio's 4" Dieci Coaxial speakers. I recieved these as a gift, I believe the price paid was 65$, a fair retail price for the speakers, I had never heard of Hertz, so when I got these, I figured they were just off-brand or re-labeled.

I couldn't find anything from anybody who actually had these anywhere. So I installed them in the dash of my 89 Toyota pickup in the stock location. They were replacing the stock speakers, which the surrounds were completely gone off of, so anything would have been better.

For the first couple months, these were ran on Head Unit power, with no Substage, only Door speakers. To my surprise with the low amount of power they were getting, the sound they produced was very sharp, the only bad thing was that the Mid was lacking.

After that, the speakers were hooked up to an amplifier, producing 30W Rms, which is what the speakers are rated for. Also, a Sub stage was added, a 10" Bazooka RS, all the wiring was also upgraded to Schose EFX 14 Guage.

The speakers now give off louder Highs than my Clarion 6.5's in the doors, and the Mids are very clean. When I first got these I figured I'd be upgrading down the road, now I won't, because I don't think that there is a speaker that can do what I want better than these.