Application: Door speakers in a 99 Grand Am Gt (yes I got them to fit barely).
Wattage supplied by: Hifonics Zx6400
HU: That spiffy panasonic touch screen doohicky

SQ = :omg Spectacular
Power handeling = :thumbsup (Good but not 'omg im gonna cream' wonderful)
Midbass = Pretty good overall
Lowend = eh...

If you have a subwoofer, you should buy these like fireworks on the fourth of july. The mid and upper range on these things kick so much *** its not funny as far as SQ goes. Everything is so defined and clear that, if they could handle more power, they'd be almost perfect for my needs. For the price (the 149.99 deal if its still going), they can't be beat. You will not find anything that compares to it for 150$ People really will think you spent retail on them because of how good they sound.

If you just want a set of interior speakers running off a HU, don't bother, these things need better treatment than that. Also, since it lacks in lowend (which is not intended in its application), I wouldn't recommend you get them as a full range speaker to deal with all the frequencies you throw at it. However, if you have a subwoofer to work the low end, these speakers will wow you with the mid and the upper range frequencies and compliment your bass quite nicely.

Now what I really liked about these is how I could feel the snares and random other instruments when I turned it up real loud much like I could feel the bass from my subs (for all intents and purposes the CDT testing was done without the use of a subwoofer so I'm really excited on how it's going to sound when I put one back in). I've never felt upper frequencies like this before in my vehicle so I was pretty impressed with that.

Overall, if you got a subwoofer,the correct crossovers, and an amp for the CDT's, and the 150$ price tag, I would then give these my highest recommendation. If you are without the sub, it still sounds great if you want good mid and high definition as long as you have an amp for them (if you think about it, what interior speaker really has good low end?).