Application: Rear fill in a 99 Grandam Gt
Powered by: Hifonics Zx6400
My reaction:

Well, I haven't tweaked it completely yet, but so far I can say that the highs and the upper mids are spectacular(I'm running just my rear speakers right now because they sound so much better than my front audiobahns that I'm soon to replace with CL-61A's). The lower end leaves much to be desired (but I may have to work on my xover some more - its 7 degrees out so everything is done in haste). Low end on the speakers shouldn't be bothered with because its not meant for it and it doesn't sound good. Midbass is alright but nothing to brag about being that the coax is 40 watts rms so you can't expect too much. However, overall if given proper wattage, it sounds great coming from the rear. I'm sure I would feel more midbass if they were up front, but I have bigger plans for that.

For rear fill on a budget, I would most definately recommend them. If you're REALLY on a budget for front speakers, I would go for them - but I personally need something with more power for whats hitting me in front.

I basically got these as great SQ rear fill that can handle an ok amt of power but won't be overkill behind me and that's precisely what it is being deemed the 'perfect rear fill speakers' I also have to double check to see if they're out of phase too being my friend cut off the markings on my wiring

Soon to come: my review of the CL-61A, will the wrong paint take away from performance? We'll see.