got them @
running a hifonics zx6400d on them giving them 85 watts which is the rms of the speakers..

sound is very smooth and full

the tweeter isn't too bright (i had mx (alpine cda9813) feature off right now but when i turn it on, it gets brighter - best of both worlds).

midbass is worth wild for the price paid ~130

the rms i believe isn't 85 watts, seems to be more in the 50 watt range, (i have gain pretty low on the amp), i've had it up somewhat before and ended up having the tweeter go in and out, sounding very BAD!

overall i think they are worth the money for someone who wants to take a step above average and 2 steps below the best, considering that they are 4 steps total (average, good, supreme, master).

overall, the tweeter is what i enjoy a lot, the midbass is good for the dollar... these get a rating of B