2 kicker competition subwoofer 2003 rms per sub is 150 watts in sealed box giving each sub 160 watts rms .

ok let me start off by saying these subs are kicker's lowest line sub.
I think that these are the best lowest line subwoofer's that i've heard
they have gone beyond my expectation for low line subs (jl w0/ mtx 4 series/ rf / kenwood /sony)......
although they have a small magnent and the subs don't move that much for some reason i hear a lot of bass coming out of them. of course people say kicker isn't know for sq., well i beg to differ w/this setup i have these in. they are in a sealed box and the rms is goin to them. inside the box is a divider, giving each sub its proper air space.

i first wanted to test the subs to see how they would move - i played
stereo bass - by basss mekanik and what i did was i went and opened the trunk just enough to where i had to bend down on my knees and peek inside the trunk to see the subs move (b/c i wanted to keep the subs reflecting off the rear of hte trunk)... there wasn't too much movement, as a matter of fact i had to touch a sub to see if it was gettin power, but then i noticed it was just the angle i was at and the subs being - black its kinda hard to tell..... so then i changed my angle and continued listenin to the song.....

these subs do provide great bass, and i think that the "average" person that likes car audio wouldnt' be disappointed. Now i understand why people say 2 subs give a lot more power than one... to maintain sq w/these subs i had them installed in a sealed box to just keep the accuracy.. i played still fly - big tymers (to test and see how low the subs were)... let me tell you - they impressed me w/this song... although these aren't "the best **** subs out there" - not saying that their is a best sub although - w7 could be if they changed the ohm load and made it 4dvc / 2dvc (but they didn't do that, soooooooooo no best sub, lol) but anyways - they (kicker comp's) are great!

I will continue to recommend these subs to anyone and i will always back up these subs - they do have a low end too (better than jl w0's). so as far as low line subs go - kicker competition 12's have my vote. when i gte a daughter - 2 of these in a car or suv will be something that i'll buy her.

all newbie's who are kinda into car audio but don't want to spend a "grip" pls recommend these subs to them.... they kick *** and are better than mtx 4's, jl w0's, etc....

the end-