seems like everyone wants something better than their stock system, but don't want to go hardcore and spend $4535345345345+ dollars. it was a challenge finding speakers for a friend that would fit his bill and not poop on him after some use. i've used cdt audio before and i love them. sooo..being the nice guy that i am, i went and looked around for cdt audio speakers. came to and found some cdt audio 6.5" coaxials for under $50 shipped!! i mean hey, one of the most respected brand, under 50 shipped, high quality set, and best of all, 3 years warranty (if bought at so he ordered 1 pair for himself.

Vehicle-Toyota tundra
Headunit-Pioneer DEH-6400
anything else-none

as you can see, the speakers were getting a mere 15 watts or so, also playing full range. for the test, many different songs were being used. i'm going to review the speakers by frequencies.

Highs- compared to his old pioneers (which is the blue coned w/metal tweets), the high's were smooth and detailed. its not ear piercing, even for a metal dome tweeter. sounds a bit more detailed than my old cdt audio cambria tweeters, but of course the cambria had silk tweeters. a nifty feature is the fixed-angle tweeter position. it points up a bit so imaging can be improved even if its in doors. out of 10, i give the highs a 7.5

Midrange- its a tad better than the his pioneers. one problem is due to the cone facing perpendicular to the floor. the sound stage isn't raised really high so the midrange details weren't able to make it to the ears that well. out of 10, i give the midrange a 7.5

Midbass- this is what cdt audio is known for. the midbass is absolutely strong. its not adire audio koda strong, but for the price, i'll outperform many higher priced speakers. its strong enough to rattle the door panels. all with very little distortion. i could definitely feel the kick drums when it hits. out of 10, i give the midbass an 8.

lows- why? not really the intended purpose of this set, but it did fairly well. it seems to do well down until about 45hz or so, then it kinda poops out. but hey, they are midrange speakers, not subs. out of 10, i give it a 7.

with an amp, the results would have been way different. with no high-pass filter, the lows and midbass will muddle up the midrange. i would bet the the midrange will have way less distortion if it was HP at 70hz. that would be perfect since it'll play midbass and up. let your sub take care the lows.

overall i am quite pleased. with the headunit only, it did faily well. for that price and what u get, who could ever complain? i would not hesitate to buy these speakers at all. its a great deal. if u think there are others in the price range, you're right. there are pyle, pyramid, audiovox, etc and they can NOT touch the CDT. even if the cdt's were $100, i would still get them. its definitely worth more than $50.