2 jl audio 12w6v2d4 ported box review
500 rms of power given to each sub

these subs hit very hard.. i think that the rms of the sub is really only 400 watts as jl put it, thus u giving it more watts doesn't really affect the performance, but i'd say that giving the sub 400-500 watts is enough power to get everything you need out of the sub. Going over that amount is just you wasting your watts, and really u'll need to get a different sub b/c u're not using your amp to its potential!

they are in a ported .. these subs provide a great deal of low end as jl is known for, but i did notice the the low end sounds more impressive in a sealed box. box is tuned to 35 hertz. umm, again these subs do what they are made to do - provide very impressive quality sound - thus when u have 2 and u port them, you get an as$ load of spl too - giving you full sound quality at loud volume levels!

the subs provide a deep rich tone to them which does make it kinda difficult for them to do well on high end bass notes - listening to the song sastification by eve & cry me a river(these 2 subs ported don't tend to do very well - i'd recommend these subs to u in a sealed enclous.). thanks