Okay let me start off by saying that this is my first component set. I was always reading the forums wondering what to spend my money on. So once i got the money i took advice from members about CDTs ..I was about to get the CL-61 but seeing how alot of people had them i thought i would try the HD-62CF.with only a $50.00 difference and the reputation of CDT i thought why not..

I have them running on a US Acoustics 2080 [zeb is having a sale now ]
a Pioneer 750 running the signal..At first i was going to try kickpanels but let's just say thing didn't work out lol..So with a little manipulation i put them inside the doors. with the ” silk-dome tweeter in the pilar. the tweeters have about 10 different pods to put them in...flush mount - swivel head [used this 1] any way u need to mount them u will have the right 1 in this kit..

Now i have the amp at almost it's lowest setting..but no matter how much i turned it up ..never heard any distortion ..clean and clear all the way 42 out of 50

i put any/every type of music of had..Do or Die - Do You ...i had to turn them down my ears havent adjusted yet..the treble on that song is crazy lol - Luniz - I Got 5 on it.. the midbass was there every step on the way without a sub it sounds good so i cant wait to get a sub to go with it..

if you want great component set then by all means..i cant say enough good things about them.. buy a set and if you dont like them send them this way