When i was looking for components i couldnt find very many component sets that ive heard good things about for under 200 dollars. After hearing very good things about Crystal i looked into their component and very suprisngly i found the CSC component set for under 200 dollars. I ordered them from Purecaraudio.com for $149 plus shipping. when i got them they looked sweet as hell. Titanium looking cone. I installed them that night, and i was in my car all night just listening to all sorts of music. I have them powered by a Profile ca400 100x2 at 4 ohm amplifier. The silk tweeters sound sooo nice they bring out really rich but not too harsh highs. The mids sound CRYSTAL..clear. lol they named theyr company well. The midbass lacks quite a bit but i didnt expect much midbass from 5.25" speakers. Im sure the 6.5's would be much better. For the price of these components, i will be amazed if someone showed me a component set that is better for the price. Ive hear all sorts of MB Quart components, Infinity components, Polk components, and others that were above the price of these. So basically i love my components i got the best components for the money IMO. If ur on a budget and need some Awesome components then these are for you.