This is one of my first reviews and it's on a product I didn't know much about until caraudio forums introduce me to the company. This review is on a ED 13 av.2 dual 2 ohm woofer. I wired the sub for a 1 ohm load. Sub is in a 2.35 cubic foot ported enclosure tuned to a 35 hz ( hence listen to alot of rap). Amp running is a Cadence Daytona 2500.1. First thing I noticed was the size of the woofer and how well built. There is alot of beefy woofers on the market, weighs about what a 13.5 W7 does. Close to 60-70 lbs. For the testing. I started off with the normal break in period, 10 hours with a low tone bass track. For the fun part. First track I played was Late Nite Tip from 3 6 maphia. I wanted to see how well this sub hit the low's. I was very impressed. I never heard the sub bottom out while maintaining the SQ as well. Sub does play very low, my back windshield started flexing about a quarter inch. This is in the back of a 90 honda accord. Next I played Hotel California by the Eagles. Once again the sub didn't let down. The SQ of this sub is superb, I knew it could get low but how well would it do with some rock. The drum bass towards the end of the song was killer, the sub stayed on point and never lost focused even in a ported enclosure. The last test was different bass tracks from bass mekanics. I played toned hz from 100 to 10 and the sub got very loud around 40 hz. I also played bottem less bass as well, sub hit every note.

Inconclusion - Elemental Designs 13 av.2 is a beast of a sub. I have had mine for a about 2 months now and very impressed. The sub can compete with the big boys of the industry. I do think ED could have made the graphic on the cone a little nicer. Other then that if you have $350 and on a budget, this sub is the way to go. IMO - won't get a better sub for the money. Overal I give the sub 9/10. Just cause I don't like the big D on the woofer lol.