I got my Resonant Engineering HC last week. It took a total time of 10 days INCLUDING weekends, so about a week shipped. Anyways, this sub is a beast, being the biggest sub I have ever seen. As I ran down my stairs, jumping for glee, I realized that I pissed my pants..

.. I'm just kidding, but I was very excited to say the least.

I had previously built a box, too small for the sub to bang to, so I built another box, this one being about 3.9 cubes after displacement. It was tuned to 29hz. It was running on a Rockford Fosgate 1500w amp.

The first song I played for my sub, was the 2nd track on the Spacemen CD. It hit HARD. I really have never witnessed something like it before. The only thing I could do was drop my jaw. It really was astonishing that this "thing" was built to produce such tones. While I stood there in complete rapture of the sounds being created by it, I finally realized that people from inside the firestation could hear AND FEEL the sub. While not even cranked up half volume, and half gain, this beast roared and claimed its territory.

After that song was finished, I asked some people what they thought of it.

Dad - Wow.
Friend - Holy ****, that thing is ****ing loud as ****.
Woman - Ow.
Woman - Where did you get that, I want one.

After I talked to a few other people, most saying that either A) It was too loud, or B) Play it some more, I want to hear it, I put in another song. "Nann *****" by Trick Daddy. Thing song put the icing on the cake. It's ultimate lows tore the ear drums of many and wanged hardcore.

Me and my friend hooked the sub up in his 92' Civic Hatch later that day to take it to a local teen car show. Not being surprised, nobody heard of Resonant Engineering, now they do . Before the cops shut us down, many got to witness a mobile earthquake with a beat. After the show, I slept at my friends house and went to school the next morning to show it off. I now have the loudest system at the school because of this sub.

If you like a loud, and VERY VERY acurate subwoofer, buy this. It really is worth the money. Not only is this sub visually appealing, it is the best sound enhancing product that I have come across to date.