Well ladies and gents I had a little time to recently play with a Incriminator Audio Death Penalty series sub. This was of the 12” variety so I figured I’d post my honest opinion and somewhat mini review of the sub.

At a glance the sub just says ‘I’m loud’. With a name like Death Penalty :-D and a skull and cross bones on the dustcap makes you think it is worth a look. But let’s face it, it’s plain, simple, and gets the job done…loud…very very loud at that. There is no carbon fiber, no shiney chrome, no add ons that really do nothing but up the price of the woofer. This keeps the the price/preformance ratio very good for the average consumer , like you and me. For looks, and just keeping it simple I give it a 8 out of 10 possible points.

Build quality! Man, where do I start. This sub is TOUGH! The Death Penalty series driver’s are assembeled on site at Incriminator Audio, by the staff at hand. I can honestly tell that this is a very very well built sub,that has been well thought out by Nick himself. The choices in parts that are used are excellent and end up as great combonation for a good sub that you can litterally beat the hell out of, regularly and it not fail. For overall build quality, and cleanliness I give it a 10 out of 10. Great job guys!
Just a lil FYI. At dBDrag world finals it took about 5 mins to CUT one of these things apart…normally takes me no longer then 30 seconds…the spiders are very very tough, and secured to the basket extremely well!

Well here goes the part where I’m supposed to say what I heard. First off the box that it was tested in was a 1.0 cubic foot sealed box, with around 1200w for the driver (4ohms off of my dei 2400d). The sub preformed very very well, I was actually amazed at the overall output of the driver in a sealed box. It has to be one of the loudest woofers I’ve heard to date. (I was unable to do any spl testing, due to the lack of an SPL meter…if you want to buy me one feel free to paypal me money,or send me a termlab usb meter and ill be glad to do an spl reading. ) Sq..well, it’s a quad coil,with 3 spiders (I think sorry nick if I’m wrong here) mainly SPL driver….what can I say really? It sounded abnormally good for what I define a ‘SPL’ driver, it never broke accuracy and the transient response was excellent. It was by no means a ‘mellow’ sub, it is NOT meant for SQ applications, but it will do excellent for the average person that is wanting something that is loud, reliable, reproduces music somewhat accurately…and really worth the money from the customer service and support.
Overall SQ I give it a 7 out of 10…SPL I give It a 10 out of a possible 10, Let’s face it guy’s….this moofer is Stinkin Loud!

You can get them at http://www.incriminatoraudio.com . The MSRP on the drivers are as follows $569 for the 12, and $599 for the 15” version.Call (256)247-7993 or Email [email protected] for further information regarding any of the Incriminator Audio Lineup!