Upon opening up the rather heavy package, I was greeted with the one woofer I have always wanted to personally own. It stared out at me with it’s 3D logo, 1 inch wide Santoprene heat-formed surround, hot black cast aluminum frame, and the honeycombed kevlar mixture cone, once again black.

Crystal MobileSound has been around for 10+ years, building it’s own subwoofers, as opposed to buying from an OEM, also operating as an OEM. My CMPX2 12” came equipped with the standard underhung voice coils. Underhung coils are apparently shorter than the magnetic gap, but I’m not an expert on that – I’m sure a Crystal rep would talk your ear off, but there has to be information on the ‘net somewhere.

The structure of the woofer is very nice and aesthetically pleasing to me due to its simplicity. The overall design is sleek and simple, without compromising an elegant look. It has a 30mm front plate, 7” diameter three-layer cloth type spider, and a 3” coil.

I hooked the dual 2 ohm coils up to my Arc Audio 1500D-R (wired in series to 4ohm), feeding the 12” 1000+ watts. I used two boxes, 1 cube sealed, and 2 cubes ported to 28hz. I also left the EQ off of this woofer, since most people don’t use one. Test vehicle was a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab 2500HD, woofer firing forward (want to try downfiring sometime).

Indeed I did test more than a few songs, but the overall result was the same – tight, accurate, warm … perfect.

Rush – Tom Sawyer -- -- Kick drums were very sharp and accurate. The CMPX2 handled them with ease and made the listening experience amazing … possibly the most accurate woofer I have heard to date. Both sealed and ported boxes yielded the same results.

System Of A Down – Toxicity -- -- I used this song mainly because of the maniac drummer … who is very violent with his drum kit. The Crystal took it like a champ and remained very warm and responsive. The ported box left some to be desired. The higher frequencies seemed to lock the woofer up a little, but I think this may just be my ‘pickyness’.

Quite possibly my new favourite woofer. Tight, accurate, responsive, durable, ****.

That is all for now, missed a few things but I wanted to get this up here ASAP. Contact me if you have any questions.

- Steve