Massive Audio's site is . We installed a set of their hi-end components, the MK6i, and 2 of their PW10's on one of their entry level amps, the PW25.4 rated at 25x4 at 12.5 volts. All I have to say is that they're f'n awesome. The suggested box they reccommend is .5 ft3 for each sub, and heavy on the polyfill. Everything is running of that 25x4 amp. Sounds perfect. Check out their site on the parts, I highly reccomend these products. We are gonna try out their other amps and subs down the line. I'll post pics of the install later this week. They are coming out with somethign to decimate the other big boy subs, they have a new DMX series subs coming oout December, quad voice coil, replacable too, haven't seen pics, but its rated at 3000 rms, and 6000 peak, can't wait to see it.