In the mid atlantic area there has been a fairly new SPL class pop up. It is called crazy 8's, and right now the sub that is wrecking house is this L7. It is so funny to watch people's faces when they hear one and then realize that WOW thats only an 8' sub. But on a side note, there is a Focus running the 8" L7's and he placed 6th this year for SS9+, think about that for a sec, up against much larger subs this 8"er is keeping right up with the big dogs. It may not have the performance per dollar factor that the Tangbad or the RE8 does but its SPL for its size is great. THe SQ is not bad ina larger sealed box set up. Great little sub worthy of a look at when considering an 8"er. Fairly efficent from what I have seen but can take a ton of wattage no problem. I reccomend it for a person that is very limited on space and still wants some strong pressure in their vehcile. Put this puppy in a nice little ported box with a medium size port and feed it 350 watts and call it a day.