Although my SE didn't come in the most sturdiest of packages(whose fault is it?) the sub was ok and i could put it through the ringer. I had built the box for it back in June, and i received the sub about 2 months ago. Needless to say, i was anxious to get it in there and give it a go. After about 2 hours of finishing the box and putting it in my truck, it was ready to go.

My box is 1.7 cubes sealed, which i now think is a little too much. Anyways, i start to put some nice songs through it, the obligatory "late nite tip" and some bass sweeps. Man does this thing go low!! My old setup consisted of 2 10" MTX 4000's, and this thing just blows those things out of the water.

I was very impressed on how deep this sub really goes, i didn't think that kind of bass response was possible with a 10" in a sealed box. All in all i was very impressed and very satisfied with the price i paid for it.

The next test involved putting it in my friends Q-logic 1.5 cube ported box(not the greatest box, but still worked). I get it all wired up, play a bass test from 80 hz to 20 hz, and i almost **** myself.

That little bugger gets loud! Even in such a crappy box that i don't know the tuning frequency of, that thing got loud. Hit 135 dB on the new audiocontrol. My ears actually hurt from sitting in my truck with the test tones going.

Very impressive i must say. Some more tests are coming, including porting my box, and eventually a 3 cube competition box ported to 45 hz to put up some nice numbers.