Some of you guys know that I got three eD drivers in a few weeks back. I spent quite some time building a box for the 15A.

So I was happy for not making TOO sloppy a box. The cutout was a bit of a trouble, but got it fixed with silicone and weather-stripping.

Box is 2.5 cubic feet, tuned to 32Hz. Port is 5.5" X 5.5".

I listen to a lot of hip hop, but as a guitar player, I also listen to rock and alternative. I was also influenced musically by my parents who listen mostly to classical. That's the reason why my CD changer has a wide array of music, ranging from Heifetz to Sepulutra.

So after lugging this super heavy box and sub into the car and positioning it to where I wanted it, I hooked it up to my soundstream picasso 1400.1D amp.

I used a few alternative tracks to adjust the amp as well as a notebook to run a signal generator to set the subsonic filter.

After quadruple checking all the wiring, fuses and stuff, I switched on my ancient CD player. FIrst up was Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture. This track has an interesting section , 13:00 into track 1. There are cannon blasts that are supposed to go as low as 16Hz.

I didn't know what to expect. Volume wasn't very high, just in case. Then it came.. BOOOOOOOOOM..... 4 times...

I was awestruc at how loud the sub actually played the cannon blasts. I called my parents down to hear it too. "You don't hear THAT on our home audio"...

So I was truly impressed by the output of this beast, but there was plenty more to go.

Apart from artistes like 50 cent and Nelly, I prefer older hip hop tunes from the 90's.

Popping in K7's CD, chose "come baby, come". The bass was very impressive, shaking everything in the interior, including the lost screws that dropped while installing my previous system. But something was wrong... the notes were blurred. I was quick to think that the port tuning was too high for the sub. Then again, it can't be this bad.

I checked my hu to find out that my processor had the sub filter on 125Hz. Lowering it to 78Hz, it sounded a lot better, but still, the impact wasn't there.

So I popped in Nelly, country grammar. Whoa, the bass was phenomenal and rattled the roof so bad that my screwdriver was jumping (Korean cars are flimsy, yes). But I wasn't hapy with the lack of crispness.

Finally, after being VERY happy with the SPL, but not with SQ, I tried Metallica's Enter Sandman. Hmmm, same disappoint. Just to be sure, I listened to my MP3 burned Sepulutra Chaos A.D. I had enough.


The 15A is no doubt a VERy potent sub, but for a person who prefers SQ, I would in no way use a ported box for it, no matter HOW low the tuning. Sure it's still better than my old RF 10" in a sealed box (can't believe how muddy THEY sound), but I think what I should be doing is to build a sealed box for the 15A.

Next step:

1. Build 1.5cf sealed box for the 15A.
2. Build a 6cf sealed box for 10 O (for an IB effect)
3. Build a standard ported box for the 12K as recommended by eD.

Stay tuned...