well, one morning a mtx 9500 10" package arrived at my door, i was like WTF but hell yeah at the same time, I opened it up and there sat a shocker extreme 15 from dreid. It was packaged nicely and weight at least a good 35 lbs. it was the rare user reconable motor structure and 4 spoke basket extreme, but performs the same as the reg shocker, just user reconable. i had 2 spare boxes laying around from my old setup(dayton dvc 15) so first i put it in the 5 cube box tuned to ~45 just to see what it was semi capable of(only have a RF500a2, 700-800rms) and i was amazed at how loud it was w/ only that much power, im soon to have 1200-1500rms going to it for daily. So then i decided to try it in the 3.5 cube box tuned to 35 hz and so how the sq was, well its no "amazing" but it did sound fairly well, lots deeper bass than my dayton dvc but just not at accurate. I have yet to build the proper box for it yet but this is what it is going in:5 cubes
60sq in of port
18in long

overall it is a very loud driver,but the sq is lacking. So for all of you that like SPL then i would def recommed this driver.

You can see pics of it in my gallery, if you have any questions about it get me on aim, same s/n as here