So, I have had these ID OEMs and the Seas Neo tweets laying around for probably 6 months. Before these, I had Rainbow SLC 265 kicks (the set with the cal2045 tweets, not the cal 25). I had heard mixed reviews on the midbass output of the ID OEMs despite their beastly build, so I was hesitant to swap out the rainbow kicks as they had solid midbass. After a while though, I just couldn't get over how bright the rainbows seemed to me, even with the silk tweets. Listening to Pink Floyd - Money and a lot of NIN songs specifically, they would just bring me to tears at certain frequencies, so I finally decided to swap them with the ID / Seas combo.

Absolutely no regrets so far. Not only is the sound a lot warmer to me, but the midbass is also incredible. I am running my entire system off an Eclipse XA5000 and an Alpine 9835. I run the ID / Seas active off the 50 watt channels and run two Eclipse 8's (the ones that were talked about in the infinite baffle review) in a sealed enclosure. I have the mids crossed at 64 or 62 (can't remember, the setting below 80 on the 9835) with a 24 slope and crossed at 2khz with 24 slope with the tweets crossed at the same. Sounds great. Only adjustments I made is I literally turned the tweets down to -10 on the crossover as they were much louder than the mids getting equal power. I suppose I could have just adjusted the gains, but it worked nonetheless. I was a bit worried that I'd be lacking power as I have heard claims of running upwards of 200 watts a piece to these mids, but believe me they do just fine at the 50 a piece they are getting.

Anyway, I am not claiming to be some expert, but this is the first time in a while I have been content with my front stage. At most, I'd consider swapping out the tweeters for an upgrade in the future, but I do not feel any need to necessarily. Look for those Rainbows to be for sale soon enough!