weee.. waaaay late..

I recently (well.. not so recent now) had a long listen and test session with a dual 2 ohm Death Penalty 12" woofer, which was kindly supplied by Nick Wright. Listening test involved a 1 cuft sealed box.. output testing involved a 3.5 cuft box tuned to 45hz.. meter used was an Audio Toolbox, power was a single American Bass Cx1200d, vehicles used was a ford escort for listening, and my own for SPL.. (woofer box where the passenger seat should be... firing rearward)

The Sound:

overall.. a fairly nice sounding driver, but it didn't seem to lend itself to high performance in a sealed box. It lacked a bit of low end authority on tracks, and was a bit peeky overall. While not horrible, it may not suit a few people here and there. Being completely honest, this is an SPL geared driver, so its not uncommon to see a lack of performance in said sealed boxes. Overall, 6 out of 10.

I didn't get a chance to do ported evaluation, but I'm quite certain it would perform much better than it did sealed.. maybe next time..

The Boom:

Long story short, this woofer gets loud as hell, and will take a ton of abuse. Its decently efficient, and peaks great in high tune SPL boxes. I measured peaks in excess of 149 db in car with 1100 watts of power ( in comparison to the loudest woofer I've used, the SI magnum, its exactly as loud as it was) the only difference is the Death Penalty keeps getting louder as the volume increases to huge sizes. The woofer took everything my amp had, with no noise, smell, or stress. Excellent SPL driver.. 10 / 10

After reviewing the driver, and sending it back, I went to drag finals, and personally met Nick at Incriminator, and got to see several vehicles try his woofers out, with excellent results.. only had one killed woofer the entire weekend... very strong showing..

In conclusion... its designed to get loud, and it does the job extremely well. If you're looking for a smalled sealed box wonder, you won't find it here, but in ported alignments.. look out

Loyd L.