this is a review on a diamon tdx 12" dual 2 ohm sub. i have the sub in a sealed enclosure (1.5cubic feet before displacement), running on a 1200 watt amp.
this sub sounds great. i haven't thoroughly heard expensive subs like JL W7's to compare this woofer to (diamonds TDX is there highest woofer), but its definately a nice woofer.
the design of the woofer is fantastic, just looking at it gives me a hard on, its beautiful, but it performs well to. its a stiff woofer, its hard to move the cone in and out with your hand, and its even harder if you dont have a lot of power on them. i was running 600watts to mine when i first got it, and it sounded good, but not great, i needed more power, so i upgraded to the diamond audio d5 1200.1, what a difference. the sub sounds 10 times louder (even though its just twice as loud). but not only does this woofer get loud, it sounds good doing it. i dont play it loud all the time, so i have it set low for normal, everyday listening, even then, it just sounds great, and it compliments my hex components very well, its a great combo.
the woofer is made for small enclosures, but works well in both sealed and ported enclosures. it can handle 1600 watts or so according to diamond, but that will very depending on the enclosure. the woofer is deep however, about 9 inches.
its a great sub, and not very expensive, pretty good purchase, but sometimes when i think about it, bass is bass, so maybe a $450 sub isn't the best purchase for everyone.