this is a review on the diamond hex 6.5" components with silk dome tweeters.
these are diamond audio's high end set, they are pretty expensive, but not as much as focal utopia's, although i'm not saying that they are comparable. i used to have a set of diamond audio's m361 components, and they sounded great for an entry level component set. the hex's however, blow them away.
the silk tweeters are very nice sounding, they aren't harsh, but like an aluminum tweeter, they sound accurate. you can get them to play pretty loud, but unlike most aluminums, they dont make your ears bleed. the midbass is best part. lots of midbass, and it loves low frequencies. i have mine high passed from 70hz, and i have no problems with them (no clipping or distorting). they aren't that power hungry from what i've seen. i'm running 75watts rms to each side, and it sounds just like a friends car, he's running them on a 45watt x 2 amp (JL e series). diamond claims they can handle upto 170watts, which i believe because i did have 300watts to EACH side at one point (it was a 4 channel amp i bridged, but i got rid of that amp).
i love how they sound, best money i ever spent.