Review: Kicker Resolution series RS5 Component set
Installation: Custom install in the front doors of an 85 Olds Delta 88
Price: Paid $85 on eBay

My car didn't come with any speakers in the doors, only 6X9's in the rear deck and 3.5's in the dash. I custom cut a spot in the doors, and 5.25" was the biggest I could fit.

My amp is 65 watt per side, 2 channels of a USX 4065. The speakers I had for about a year were Infinity Kappa coaxials, so that's my reference point. I wanted more midbass and power handling, so I bought the RS5's.

Kicker's build quality is excellent. The package comes with everything... screws, wire, and connectors. There is mounting hardware to put the tweets coaxially with a special grille, or surface or flush mount. I went the coaxial route.

First thing I noticed is the midrange. The Resolutions are bright and clear... in-your-face clear. Vocals and instruments really stand out, especially brass. The tweeters are wonderful- crisp and high without the slightest harshness. The crossover has adjustable tweet level, and -1.5dB works for my tastes.

These speakers can take some power. My coaxials were hipassed at about 70 Hz and powered up to maybe 40 watts. With the RS5's I was able to lower the hipass down to almost 50Hz, and push the USX amp to its limit.

The midbass? Sweet. For 5.25 inchers, these are hard to beat.