Picture of Speakers

Crystal CXe615

Cost: ~$70 @ SD.com, purecaraudio.com

Notable Features:

*Injected Molded PPY Woofer Cone
*Butyl Rubber Surround
*13mm (1/2") Silk Semi-Dome Tweeter
*Integral Crossover
*Size: 6 1/2
*Sensitivity: 90 dB
*Frequency Response: 60-20,000 Hz
*Recommended RMS Power: 45W
*Peak Power Handling: 90W
*Impedance: 4 ohms


DANG! pretty impressed for the money. tweeter is nice and smooth, not harsh at all even at very high volumes. significant improvement from stock speakers for sure. Currently being power by the pioneerr 5500mp hu, and it runs very nice w/o distortion even @ 3/4 volume.

They are just your basic 6.5'' coaxial speaker, build quality seems good. sound overall is nice and clean. pretty impressed with them, and i think the CXe is like the bottom of the line too. the midbass is kinda lacking right now tho, if it works as a midbass. i attribute that to running them w/o an amp. altho i dont think i will be expecting a "hard hitting" midbass or anything like that.

i liked them overall, i am prob gonna buy their 6x9s to put them in the back of my friend's car, in which this speakers are installed.

For ~$70, worth it.

More pics will be available at my website within the next few weeks