I recently installed a pair of RE SR10 D2's into a way-too-small prefab enclosure for a friend. He was considering a pair of 10w3's and i happened to stumble upon a great deal on these so he picked them up.

The enclosure, which he had purchased prior to the rest of the equipment was made specifically for his vehicle application, but only offered .8 cubes gross to run two woofers in.

Installed both woofers with a loose fill of polyester, run off of a Rockford T3002, set the gains with a DMM and then backed them way down to match the rest of the factory bose system and not be overbearing

After final displacement, these woofers are seeing .31 of a cubic foot each!

I have to say, the sound that these put out was actually quite good. They got pretty **** loud, get reasonably low, especially considering the lack of airspace, and are clean and articulate. For the money, they are some of the best, if not the best, 10" i have ever heard in a small sealed box.

I did a similar install using one of these enclosures with a 10" IDQv3, run of a 500/1. The only difference was that it was a single cutout enclosure, so the woofer had the entire .8 to breathe. The RE's are actually quite comparable in SQ, with slightly more output. Not bad for what it is