Installer and Supplier is 6spdcoupe.

It's just one 10" sub back there. Paired with a Tru S500 amp.

First of all, with only 2v getting to the amp due to my AVX5000 lack of voltage output. This sub get's quite loud... VERY comparable to my buddies twin 12" Type R subs. Not quite as much output, but not a landslide either (we'll see how much closer it'll be once the Tru SSLD6 is installed!).

But with accuracy and clarity, the Alumapro completely shows the Type Rs who's boss. I listen to a lot of fast paced music like metal, thrash, black metal, etc... this sub totally keeps up with that quick double kick. I can hear and feel every single hit and I have never felt that before from any sub! I am 100% happy with my installer and suppliers suggestion of this sub and would absolutely purchase this again!!

The sub came with the enclosure it's meant to be in. Very nice and clean fiberglass and pretty carbon fiber. The sub and box is quite light and small as well. 100% happy with this sub!