6spdcoupe was my installer and supplier for this setup.

He installed two speakers in a custom kick panel, and the 7" woofer in the doors.

At the moment, I am at 18 of 100 hours for proper breakin. I have yet to really give a listen to high high volume. But high enough to be hearable on the highway with windows open doing about 65mph.

The speakers are incredibly clear. The vocals hit you right smack in the face, lows are very pronounced and accurate, and mids are for once, right where I want them (I have so many issues with midrange sounding good). Matched up with an AVX5000 and a Tru S44, these speakers sound better then anything i've listened to before.

The price is quite steep for a front stage only, but it's something I would purchase over and over if the opportunity ever presented itself. I recommend these speakes to anyone who is looking for volume and clarity.