Just installed a Kenwood DNX-8120 deck, the double din 5v.
I have Zapco 4.0 C2K, and the Zapco 9.0 C2K amps which I used their symbilink for the balanced line system. The 4.0 to BA Z6's for the fronts and the 9.0 to 2 JL 12w7s.

I really want to install my Audio Control Epicenter on my subs but I wonder if that will really mess with anything? Has anyone else installed an epicenter on a balanced line system? I'd have the RCA sub-out on the deck running to the epicenter, then to the SLB-U for the volume control knob and balance line then out to the 9.0. Any settings I'd need on the Epicenter?
Anyone advise against it? I should probably just try it but I thought I'd ask first.