I purchased a set of 6.5'' components & a set of 5x7 coaxial speakers. These replaced an older set of Infinity reference series speakers I had for a couple years. First impression was the woofers had spun aluminum looking cones and rubber surrounds, perfect for the extreme climate conditions they will endure. the suspension on the 6.5 woofer mostly was stiff, thinking these things can handle powerfull transients with ease. The motor is fairly large aswell. The tweets are silk with neodymium magnets and come with a couple different housings for various installs (components). The crossovers are decently heavy and have a tweeter attunation circuit with +3,0, or -3 and are slim design to fit tight spaces.

How do they sound:

Well I'm still in the process of throwing different styles and genres of music through them at various levels. They have however brightened up everything I've listened to, making it fun again to just listen to music period, even the kinds I generally don't care to here. It's amazing how a speaker swap changes how everything sounds. The small details that were lost in my old combination is now pleasing my ears with enjoyment. these make me wana just sneak out to the car and just listen to all kinds of music whenever I can for no reason. with the crossover points and tweeter level dialed in, everything blends together really well. my car sounds like a music hall which is amazing. The tweets are brilliant and smooth due to the silk design, and it involves my cars sound stage. The woofers have really good mid-bass and are quite punchy. they also have the ability to extend down to subsonic regions well enough to not need a sub.

I cant say anything bad really, they were a fairly cheap investment for huge musical gains