I bought one of these because they went on sale for $70 for the D4 configurations since I needed a cheap, decent sub for my beater S10 I am driving to save miles on my nice vehicles.

Installed in a 1.0 cuft sealed box, which is the alignment preferred by the "experts" at ED. Receiving 500wrms @ 2 ohm from a Cadence FXA 3001.

Initial impressions were that the sub is very transparent, doesn't color the output, gets loud, but isn't *quite* as articulate as either the IDQv3 in my truck or the JLW6v2 in my wife's Audi A4. It was a fair comparison too because I pulled the IDQ out of my Dodge and hooked the ED up right in its place to test it so it was in the same install spot, same power, same everthing. It more probably had slightly more output though than either of the other two.

It plays really well up to where it rolls off quickly somewhere around 100- 120 hz. Which is good for me because I am running 4" Soundstream Exacts components in the dash of the S10, which obviously don't do much for me below 120hz. It does blend in well and doesn't draw attention to itself even though I am asking it to play a little midbass, and isn't making it sound like all the bass is coming from the backseat.

All in all this a tremendous driver for $70, and probably still a decent buy for the normal $175. Is it as good as a W6v2 or IDQv3? No, not quite, but it is a decent SQ sub that also gets pretty loud...