Well I've had them installed in my firebird now for about 2 1/2 weeks. I thought I'd post my thoughts on here.

First off they are in a 1999 Pontiac Firebird in the stock locations. They are powered by a Kicker KX650.4.

Well when I first got them in I had to set em by ear. And they sounded good. Didn't think they sounded 300 dollars good. But I finally got a DMM and set it with that. Well I still didn't think I got all my money worth. So today well a couple hours ago I was tweaking the amp a little and turned off the x-over on the amp. Well the speakers came ALIVE!!!! The bass output is astounding. I def. need some deadening in my doors now. Really really bad.

I believe they are by far the best sounding comps I've ever heard.. ever. They get pretty loud, and the louder they get, the better they sound. The are so well blended. I've got them ran passive right now. But in maybe a week or so I will be setting them up to run active and I can't wait. If anybody has some tuning ideas for me feel free to PM me. Well quit reading and go get a set already.