Running a set of these for the last couple weeks, feel like I have heard enough of them broken in to give a review. I have them installed with the mid in the fully deadended and sealed doors w/foam, and the tweet mounted about 4" forward from the mid on the kickpanel. Seeing power from a Cadence TXA-6004 which is putting somewhere in the neighborhood of 150wrms to each side. Handle the power no sweat and can play low.

Tonight I switched over to the Sound Focus portion of the HU's processing, which apparently automatically shuts off your HPF and forces you to turn it back on again manually. I didn't even realize it was off until I started messing with the settings a few minutes later--they were playing full range at high volumes and I didn't even hear them breaking up at all, especially not enough to know that the HPF was turned off. I had noticed the increased bass output, but thought it had something to do with switching to the Sound Focus thing.

Overall, a really really good set of comps for the money--very beefy mid, nice silk tweet with flushmount or eyeball mouting options. Midbass is excellent and will make any loose plastic buzz like crazy. Made me track down all the things I thought I had solved when I was running RSDs. When I play "H" by Tool, in the beginning of the song the change will buzz in my ashtray during those long bass notes. Something the RSDs never did. Buddy of mine auditioned my system tonight and I played the beginning of that song, he thought I had my sub on--but it was turned completely off.

Midrange is very detailed and clear, the tweeter is just average IMO. Not harsh by any means, but I don't hear anything to make it stand out.

These are made in China, which is why they are so reasonably priced, but obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into designing them. I am very pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone. I am surprised more people dont talk about ID components, as I am really impressed with these.

If I had to list a single attribute that stands out the most, it would be the midbass, but the midrange detail is also excellent. Much warmer sounding than the RSDs I had previous, which were decent speakers in their own right.