Well I just got my pg today and i installed them in my honda civic. I bought these due to the "hype" and all the good reveiws they have gotten. My previous componets were the rainbow 6.5 slc. Both were in stock locations and not sealed and doors do not have any sound deadener.

First impresion they look nice and the tweets have a lot of different ways to mount. which is good because I put them in the stock locations crossovers seem heavier then the slcs but not as well put together.

And now for the sound.... they do have more midbass then the rainbows even not being sealed but the dont even come close in the clarity section I had to change all my settings and it still doesnt sound clear. everything sounds harsh to me. but was it worth 100? probably but would i get the rainbows if i had the cash yes i would. I hope in a couple days it clears up ail