I have read many post's about MTX 9500's vs. all kind of other subwoofers, and many have not heard the 9500 in person. I am currentley running 2 15" 9500 subwoofers in a 9.5cu ft ported enclosure tuned to 37hz (no wall). Giving the subs around 1,700watts RMS each all day. I just want to let everybody know that they POUND!!! I did a 155.1dB at my fist and only competition i have ever been to. I have THREE HOLES in the roof of my explorer from the flex, had to glue it all up. I beat 1 18" BTL, 4 15" L7's, 4 15" JBL GTI, 2 18" solo x, 1 15" pioneer premeer spl sub.....only thing that beat me at the competition was a wall of 4 15" eclipse tiataniums in a honda civic (155.8dB). 5 STARS!!!! wish it had a little more SQ also.