Ok seriously, I'm not over exagerating one little bit. I picked up the Hertz High Energy series component system about a week ago. My friend and I went to Factory Auto Sound in Windsor ON, (in case anyone cares) because he was looking for a single ported 10" box. I start talking to one of managers there about the Apline Type R component system. We get into a conversation about sound volume vs. sound quality and pulls out the Hertz High Energy 5-1/4's for me. I was a little sceptical (is that how you spell that? oh well I don't care) when he starts telling me that the quality of these speakers puts any others to shame. I end up picking them up for 100 bucks cheaper than the Alpine's and went on my way. For real, I've never heard a sound like this in my life. The quality of these speakers is absolutely amazing, and if you've got higher end EQ on your deck it makes the experience that much better. I had to call the store I got them at to thank them for the great advise and you can bet your butt that I'll be getting the High Energy 6x9's soon enough. Oh ya, and F.Y.I. I also found out that in 2007 Consumer Electronics Magazine gave Hertz a better overall rating than JL Audio.