I just purchased:
(2) 12" MA Audio HardKore HK12X2 Subs...
.... They cost me $600 cash for (2).

I just wanna know what you all think about them or what ya'll have heard about them. I have them in a Probox SuperBass Ported Box. They POUND very hard. But I know I need more air space than that, I believe...

I'm only giving them about 2.73cuft. of air space EACH, and they require like 3.3-3.6cuft of air. ( Is that gonna be a problem )

But then also, my Diesel Audio NSH-1.3000D is 1ohm Stable... And it's running @ 2ohms right now... B/c i wont run @ .5ohm

Just let me know everything you heard or know about them.. THANKS IN ADVANCE!