Hey i have scanned all over the site, and seen some good reviews on 12''.

Ive found some subs i like but haven't seen anyone running a single 12'' on a kicker 1500.1 amp. it rated in at 1653 RMS, and has been pushin (2) 12'' CVX.

I need suggestions as to which single 12'' sub will run well on it.

Im goin for SQ more so than loudness.

Have seen the w12gti, SE, Fi, DD, like them all but need more info.

im lookin into the w12gti MKII more so than the others cause ive found a great deal on one, but it says it runs 700rms and peaks at 4000. didnt know if it will handle me puttin 1653 rms to it. i will not be putting it to the limit on that wattage anyway so.

also seen Cadence Daytona series, says it handles 1500rms at 91 Db, but i know the other cadence series subs aren't too great so.

any feed back or stories of someone running a single 12'' on 1500 rms would be great.