Well this review is long overdue. I have been running this pair of IDMAX 12's for about 8 months now. Just to get things rolling, they are STELLAR subs, but you already knew that.. right? The IDMAX has been out a long time and is currently on rev 3.

Currently I am running the pair off of a DLS A6 mono class a/b amplifier which is crossed over at 55hz / 18db/oct via an H701 processor.

The enclosure is a simple sealed in floor design. Solid as a rock. The enclosure itself nets approx 1.4qf per sub

While the A6 is capable of sending 600rms to each sub, it is not needed. I was suprised at how efficient these babies are! When first testing I had them hooked up to a small aura 2150 sending only about 200 bridged to one of them. Sub was loud and clear with plenty of output. Not need for insane power here.

Without all the audiophile bs, I will simply say the following.
- The depth is endless
- Detail is perfect
- Transitions perfect
- Each note is defined as it should be
- Even a single is capable of WAY more output that I could ever use / want.

That pretty much sums it up. As most know about the IDMAX, it is a sub that is capable of stunning SQ while really being able to get with it and rip up some air. And it sure as he11 lived up to it's reputation in my system.

Now how can I recommend this sub... Easy. If it is in your budget, you like MUSIC to sound like MUSIC and not one note slop, have at least 200rms to power it and you are looking for a sub that fits in a small box.. this IS your ticket!

Out of my long list of subs I have owned and used, the IDMAX remains my favorite sub in the $500 & under category & is worth every penny. It will take somthing VERY special to knock it off it's throne.