My previous setup was a 12w7 running off a Jl 500/1 in a ported box. The box was built to Jl specs by HIFi Buys here in metro Atlanta (Tweeter). I recently sold my JL setup and decided to go with a "budget" setup. After shopping online for a few weeks I decided to purchase a Fi SSD 12" w/ the copper leads option. I order the sub directly from and paid $194 shipped. As for an amp to push the sub I decided on a RF T5001bd. I paid $170 for a factory refurb on ebay. To stay with in budget I decided to use my JL box. I may decide to get another box built down the road probably when I go to a two sub setup. I installed the sub along with an Alpine cda 9887 headunit, Focal polyglass front stage and a RF t3002.

Prior to installing the sub I remember looking it over and was not really impressed. The sub looked like it was well built however I just was not impressed. Once I got everything installed in the car with no break in period or tuning I cranked it up and let it rip. Again I was not impressed. The sub however did do a lot more then what I thought an entry level sub was capable of. It was not a clean as the W7 however was close in SPL. Of course it is hard to compare an entry level sub to the flagship woofer of a big company like JL. It took me a few days to dail the system in. After a week of tweaking I got the system where I want it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A WEEK MAKES!!. I believe it is a combanation of tuning and the sub breaking in. Now in the SPL department the SSD walks all over the W7 using the same box and the same amount of power as my previous setup. In the SQ department I would have to say that the W7 winshowever we are comparing an "entry level" sub to a flagship. Also the box I'm running is not built to spec for the Fi woofer. I don't think I could have bought a better sub for the money. For it to keep up with a sub that cost three times as much is saying a lot.

Two thumbs up for FI....!