My type R 6.5" component's Review

Picked these up from a local shop for over 100 more then what you pay online. Oh well. First thing I noticed was that the midrange driver was rather hefty, solid build quality. Supposedly the magnets on this years model is smaller then the previous version of the 6.5"s due to alot of people having mounting depth issues.

The car is a 99' Honda Civic EX coupe. I've uninstalled the stock rear by9's and I'm only running the one set of 6.5"s off of a kicker zx650.4, so each tweet/mid is recieving roughly 115-125 rms. After alot of wiring issues w/ my car I eventually got them installed and running.

First thing I noticed was these things get pretty dang loud. The single set of components was louder then 2 pairs of my buddys 5x7 type s's in an explorer. The real only thing that bothers me about these speakers are the lack of midbass. I am pretty disappointed in that areas performance. It's slightly better then stock but nowhere near what I was expecting. The tweeters have a tendency to get harsh at times and this is where I recommend giving them not much more then their rms for daily applications. At full tilt however is when you start to hear the midbass a little better, but again, still not what I was expecting.

These are very good entry level comp.'s. I just recommend that you have some sort of subwoofer to pick up where these puppies lack. They will play a very wide variety of music... rock, rap, christian, country etc. but if you're shooting for heavy hitting bass then these might not be the best for you.

PM me if you have any questions,