ok first let me introduce my sound system

Car: 1995 Geo Prizm
Head Unit: Nakamichi CD-300
Equalizer: Clarion EQS746
Crossover: Coustic XM-3
Component Amp: Kicker 160ss
Subwoofer Amp: DEI 1100d (1999)
Components: RE RE 6.5"
Subwoofer: Treo ss10.44
Sub Box: 1.5 cubic Feet internal to 32 Hz
Wiring: Memphis, KnuKoncepts, Monster
Battery: Optima Redtop 34/78

ok. this is a big box for a single 10 and has 37.5 square inches of port area, again which is rather large. im very glad i made this box big.

this sub was purchased from XPLICITacts BNIB about 2 months ago. it is being fed around 800w rms at 2 ohms from my directed 1100d

first thing i would like to say is how **** these subs are. i love it. ok now, this sub is rated at 500w rms and i figured it should be ok on the 800 if i keep the gains down a little and be careful..ish.

first impressions - meh at best. the system was very peaky and i listen to mostly rock so i wasnt very happy with it. after about 2 weeks of playing, the system is tuned and sub is broken in. i am so impressed with this sub every time i listen to it in my car. the box is a perfect match for it, and the sub doesnt even reach its mechanical limits in that big of a box off 60% more power than its rated.

rock: this sub has amazing control for those kickdrums. i love listening to the begining of Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin because of this sub. bass guitar is nice and refined, somewhat peaky at higher bass frequencies. no big deal. its becasue of the box and the cars resonent frequency.

rap: sub can pound with it all, i got a few friends to think it was a pair of 15s - which given they dont know much about car audio, it was cool they thought that from one 10. this sub can also get very low and loud. im not a SPL guy but i like my stuff to get loud and this sub has the ability. its very impressive to listen to that and know its only 1 10" subwoofer

overall, this sub is very musical, great control and can let loose when you let it. This box i feel is a match made in heaven and it sounds so musical i love it. i contemplated getting rid of it to help sponsor my TCON project, but i couldnt part with it. i feel i can throw 1000w rms on this and it would have absolutely no problem.

ive never felt/heard so much from a ten, and i would rate this sub 11 out of 10 for the following reasons.
-i got it for 130 shipped
-it gets LOW and hits hard (whoever said 10s dont get low hasnt heard a quality 10)
-can handle all sorts of power
-suitable for all kinds of music.

i dont know why treo stopped making these, but thwen again i havent heard the SSi series - they seem near identical on paper, so i would expect the same from those.

nice job treo!!!