This isn't a full review. Just some intial thoughts. I just installed this set into my daily work car so I can get some sort of listen from them. I won't be buying their permanent home until around december/january. I didn't do the whole "technical" midbass install as outlined in the forum, because this is temporary. So take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

They were powered with the main channels bridged on my Power1000. I set the gains to achieve around 200 watts, then 150, then unbridged the channels and just ran them off the front channel at 100rms. High pass XO was set to 80hz @ 12db slope. Tweeter level @ -3db.

This set has a very smooth sound at low volume. Very detailed and accurate. I say at low volume because when cranked the tweeter, becomes a problem. I hear some distortion coming from it. Even though they are rated for 200RMS and 150RMS for long life. I find it hard to believe that they can physical handle 150RMS daily for too long. You can clearly hear the tweeter starting to cry for mercy at those levels. I think this could be fixed with steeper slope in the XO for the tweeter. Doing that would hinder some of it's ability to blend when the drivers aren't next to each other though.

At low volume with the tweeter in sail panel and mid in door, they blend very well together. Pin pointing the individual drivers becomes hard. I am a little disapointed in the midbass. I know the install is to blame for most of it, but my RF set was installed the same way and they had more midbass than this set. I will more than likely run a dedicated midbass with these in the future. I may even eliminate the XOs and run these drivers active. This way I can switch to a steeper slope when ramping them up.

Summary: Great sound with 75-100RMS on them, start to get harsh with more power. Good candidate for high mounted tweeter setups (sail panels, dash, etc). Definitely SQ oriented drivers and XOs. Overall happy, just wish there was a bit more midbass from them.