O.k. well i just listened to my buddy's 18" solox. He has a 4dr explorer. He had it in a 8.5cuft box @29 hz. He had an iraggi alternator and a blue kenetic (i think) battery with lots of 0awg wire he is powering it with an sx1250.1 i believe he said it was benched at 3100rms. He has done the "big 3". He had the sub upfiring with port to the right side when facing windshield. He played an assortment of song the best were some al capone and new jeezy. He said he hit 149.5 on the tl. Man this thing was insanely crazy. I went the opposite way with my system just because i listen to more than just rap and i like good quality music. But honestly when it comes to rap, this massive setup didnt even sound too bad reproducing and keeping up with rap. I love it i just wish i had enough money to be like this kid.

His next setup will be 2 18" BTLs walled off. I will try to talk to him and help him out on this build and post up a work log. That is all my friends.