Sub: Street Edge (by Memphis) 15-SER10 10" SVC 4 ohm
Box: Some crappy prefab 1 cube ported box we sell at the shop I work at with 1 lb of polyfill
General Specs:
4ohm SVC
200w max
100w RMS
30oz. Magnet
4.78" Mounting Depth

First thoughts:
Looking at the sub in the store all day at work, I constantly thought to myself how crappy this thing must be. Ive seen 6.5's with beefier magnets and motors.

My buddy pucked one up for a whopping $45. Oh great, now I have to get a ride from a guy with a sub of the likes of Pyle.

After istall:
After a pound of polyfill, and a few hundred watts (yes, a few ) the sub absolutely pounds for such a sissy looking thing. Takes 300w RMS easy so far. No bottoming out, but had a funky smell upon first power. That went away in a minute or two. "New sub smell" I suppose. Others outside the car thought it was AT LEAST a 12...

Sounds awesome, gets moderately low... and suprisingly loud off a crappy BOSS amp. Yeah, boss.

Final thoughts:
Beastly sub for a beater, or a budget setup. Memphis makes some high quality stuff, and you cant go wrong. Good sub for teh GF

Im gonna get a few and see how long they last on MY AMPS!!! muhuhahaha