first off id like to compliment powerbass for making such a great line of budget gear!

the build on these speaker's is great.

60 rms
4 ohm impedance
50 hz-20khz
87 db sensativity
stamped steel basket with chrome finish
woven fiberglass cone
titanium tweeter(very nice sound)
custom magnet boot.
santoprene rubber surround

now to the bussiness end!

the c serie's and b serie's speaker's are the same. only differance is b-serie's is black and c is chrome lol. they are installed in a 97 prizm with a american bass sq480 4 channel on them. they need power! they dont like hu power lol. they shine with rock and i mean they shine, very smooth and warm high's with a smooth mid bass door's are deadened, they sound very good, i cant stress this enough. but the only downfall is that they dont get as loud as i would like them to get. im feeding them about 80 rms which is 20 rms more then there rated power and they dont complain one bit! but they just dont get loud enough!

with that said anyone who want's a clean and accurate set of speaker's for 35 shipped these are the one's for you. by the way these are old model's the new model is L serie's. but they have a bunch on ebay!

if you are wondering what these would compare to...... i just swapped out some infinity kappa's and they sound a little smoother but dont get as loud!