Box : 2.5 cubes @ 35 hz... 38 inches of port area
Amp: Sundown 1500 @ .7
1/0 wires + hc600 in the back

gets loud... about as loud or louder than my 2 12" L7's on a modded 81000d... murders the low's 30-40 hz... of course its not as loud above 50hz... tapers off around 60-65hz...

loudest single 12 ive owned... MUCH louder than L7's and sounds better too (in my opinion) nice design, and can handle up to 3kw for burps... ive not had it metered but its nothing to crazy... in my tank-like trunk car i doubt it would be at or over the 40's... mayby high 30's or barely 40... (ive sat in 50's to judge from)

in a different vehicle or foldable seats i dont doubt it will easily hit 40's