Source: Pioneer 8600
Amp: Aura 2500 (75 x 4 @ 4ohms)
Subwoofer: disconnected
My doors are thoroughly deadened with Raamat and I have two layers of ensolite on my front doors (where I installed these speakers).

I sold my JL components today and decided that I wasnt going to drive around without any tunes so I went ahead and switched the JLs for the Aura MR52 braxials as a "temporary" solution. I had always heard good things about these Auras, especially the tweeter but I was absolutely blown away.

Its a hard thing to describe but I actually prefer listening to these speakers than my old component set. The soundstage is inevitably low because of the placement of the speakers in my doors but they sound so clear and vibrant yet never got harsh on me like the JL tweeters did on some occasions.

After installing them I drove to Shlotzskys to get a sandwich (hadnt eaten all day) and I was thoroughly enjoying my music until I heard the sound of rain. At this point, it was getting dark but when I looked for the rain outside it wasnt really raining... it was coming from my speakers! The song had switched to Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes and I never knew that it was actually supposed to be raining in the background when he starts off that song. I was amazed that the speakers had actually tricked my ears like that... with all the other speakers that I had listened to that song with, I always thought that my copy of the song was really staticky... but it wasnt, my speakers just werent able to reproduce that subtlety like these Auras.

These speakers really bring out all the imperfections from my low bit rate MP3s and especially my ipod. The midbass is right on par with the JL XR component set and these speakers are smaller. I am now seriously debating on whether I should just leave these speakers in my truck for a while... my wallet would definitely thank me if i do.

Anways, I would say that these are the best speakers that I have every heard for what I paid for them ($80 I think???) For a one speaker solution under $100, these are the speakers to get. I wont be selling these anytime soon now that I actually got to hear them.