Set up:
- 2 Phoenix Gold RSD12d's wired to 1 ohm getting about ~1300w
- 1 Hifonics BX1605d
- Sealed ~1.5 cu. ft. chambers

After reading many good things about these subwoofers, I ordered me a pair.

Personally, I love how they look. The cone is simple yet stunning. It might not be a solid black cone like the top subwoofers, but the silverish/metal looking cone looks awesome. The back end of the subwoofer doesn't look too bad. Its not a **** spider, but who sees the back end of a sub anyways? Unless inverted..

Being a subwoofer geared more towards SQ, the ability to get loud is definately there. I did not expect these subs to get as loud as they do. I hear rattles that I have never heard before with my previous setup.

The SQ is amazing. They hit all notes crisp and precise, making the high/mid notes sharp. They can also get very very low and sound great doing it.

The blend of great SQ and ability to get pretty loud makes me want to drive everywhere. The overall feeling and experience is awesome.

With these subs being <$100, you will get plenty of bang for your buck.

I <3 PG