I recently installed some kicker KS6 coaxils as my frontstage powered by a kicker 200.2... first i will review without the amp and then after

Off deck power, these are alright speakers... better than stocks but not really WORLDS better... better highs but still poping when the bass hits

Off the kicker 200.2 these speakers are AWSOME, So far i have managed to put the gain half way and they still ask for more... very clear highs but the mid-bass is somewhat lacking... its there but you have to turn the bass boost a lil bit up on the amp to fix it...

Together they are a great pair... and just like everyone says, if you going to upgrade your interior speakers, GET AN AMP!!! I cannot stress this enough, going from deck power to amp power completly changes everything from clarity, mid-bass, highs, crankablity, and just plain ole loudness.