Well finally got the sub in after numerous things happening but i wont go into that.

First i'll start with it is in a 2.45cf after displacement sealed box, powered by a junker insignia amp @8ohms(series) that MIGHT be giving it 150rms. i reset my gains, then started testing a bit.

Sound quality is quite good. much better than i expected. listened to some radio first, sounded nice, and kept up with all the different bass hits on dance music, rock, and some rap, something my audiobling could never do as it seemed like a one note wonder and only played around 40hz well. next i threw on some little john "throw it up".The lowest note shoke everything. cant wait to get a full test tomorrow on some other music like late night tip and such. this was as loud or louder than my audiobling 12" ported on everything i threw at it. All of a sudden i have all this low bass that i never had before, like 35hz down into the 20's. those frequencies are as loud as the rest now it seems. All of the notes now rumble my car. my girlfriends hair was even moving slightly in the car as well.(more like vibrateing).

after i did this i popped open the trunk to take a look and to my surprise the sub is barely moving. i mean like 3mm one way, that is why i think i am getting only 150 or less rms. I can tell it wants alot more power hense i will be geting a new amp.

all in all i feel that this sub is comparable with subs costing way more than the $100cdn i payed(shipped) for it.

I had to stop short though as it was getting up close to 10pm and people might complain, so no vids, but i got a couple pics.

hope those thumbnail things work. anyways, will have a vid tomorrow so stay tuned for that. flex is most likely non existant right now although it rattles the heck out of my trunk. i'll update tomorrow with more as i have only had about 25 minutes of listening time, but i can say i am impressed.